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Dr. Aman Ahuja

Dr.Aman Ahuja is one of the most distinguished and decorated dental surgeon in India.

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Kids Dentists

What should I do if my child has toothache?
You should rinse the affected area with lukewarm salt water. After that, you can apply some clove oil. Over the counter painkiller syrup can be given in appropriate dosage. It is advised to visit kids dentist for a definitive treatment.

My child’s face has swollen on one side. What can I do?
Always remember to avoid using anything hot, as it can increase the swelling further. Our expert kids dentist suggest, you should place a cold compress on the affected side of face. Some antibiotics may help (seek professional advice) and immediate treatment should be sought.

What causes cavities in kids?
Kids dentist have observed bacteria in mouths of all human beings, whether young or adult. When these bacteria come into contact with sugary foods which are left behind after eating, acids are produced. These acids attack the outer layer of teeth i.e. enamel taking away all the mineral content and creating holes in the teeth, which we call cavities.

When should we begin using toothpaste and how much should we use?
The answer is sooner the better! Kids dentist suggest thet Oral hygiene should Start right at birth, clean your child’s gums after feeding with a soft damp muslin cloth. Once the teeth erupt, Parents should use a very tiny smear (rice grain size) of fluoride toothpaste on a finger brush to clean baby teeth twice daily.

My child is irritated during teething, what can I do?
Most of the infants are uncomfortable during teething process. Your child may be cranky, may drool a lot, he/she will put every other object in hand to mouth and act quite fussy. Gums may feel reddish and slightly swollen. Some kids develop mild fever and diarrhoea too. Gently rubbing the gums with damp muslin cloth (ice cold water) , or application of back side of cold spoon may help. Many teething toys are available which can be refrigerated before use. Some topical gels are also effective, which our kids dentist can suggest better.

Numerous guardians and parents are uninformed of how significantly oral wellbeing can impact the overall general wellbeing of their child. Tooth decay is preventable, yet it remains the most widely recognized interminable youth infection. You can completely avert tooth decay! All it requires is an introduction to oral healthcare practices early in life.


Milk teeth influence the child’s way of life, keeping up these teeth until the age of 11 years is extremely important. As:
? They help in the development of a child’s jaw.
? Determines the growing face structure.
? Maintains the space for perpetual teeth in the future.
? Help kids in proper speech and pronunciation.
? Chewing the food appropriately to derive nourishment.


Routine oral hygiene practice if incorporated in initial years of life, can lead to healthy oral health. The basic practice of keeping the oral cavity clean should be religiously practiced in a fun way.


Children should brush their teeth 2 times each day for around 2 minutes. 
Each time with a toothpaste that contains fluoride; The quantity to be used is of pea size amount till the age of 2 years and rice grain size amount till the age of 6 years.
Parents should supervise their kids in brushing until they are 7-8 years of age.
The use of electrical brushes is also advised as it doesn’t require hand dexterity.


Correct brushing helps in the removal of dental plaque. But brushing alone is not sufficient to remove plaque located in places where the toothbrush can't reach. These sites are located in between the teeth and below the gums. To clean them, flossing is the right option.
Flossing should start immediately after your child has 2 teeth that touch.
Flossing is very important to prevent proximal decay. (decay arising from contact area between two adjacent teeth)
Flossing also helps to polish tooth surfaces and control bad breath
Your child should floss once a day for 2 to 3 minutes at least.


Your child’s first dental visit should happen when his/her first baby tooth erupts (i.e. around 6-7 months) and none later than their first birthday
Children should visit the dental clinic two times per year for routine cleaning and dental assessment. Nonetheless, your dental specialist might need to see you or your kid pretty much regularly if they’re at high cavities risk. It is ideal to pursue their direction.
Let your dental specialist know whether you or your kid has an ailment or is taking a prescription.
If your child has bleeding gums that proceed with longer than about fourteen days, you need to see your pedodontist.


The correct sort of nourishment consumption is mandatory for good teeth.
Limit refined sugar intake and dispose of sugary refreshments as they produce high acid and the main culprit to initiate cavities in your little one’s mouth
Limit carbonated drinks, for example, soft drink or pop, or soda punch as they’re responsible to cause erosion of white layer (enamel) of teeth causing increased tooth sensitivity problems early in life.
Your child should drink milk but with no added sugars or syrups
Using Xylitol containing chewing gums is a good choice.
Rinsing your child’s mouth or giving them a sip of water after every mean is recommended to wash them off from the oral cavity.

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