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“A charming smile is an asset”

It represents true happiness and satisfaction. It is everyone’s wish to own a beautiful smile as it is a necessary boost of up confidence. 

A single missing tooth is enough to spoil that pretty confident smile and otherwise attractive appearance. Is there any way to revive the old charm that you once used to take pride in?

The answer is a firm 'YES'.

The dental implant procedure at Cosmodent India is an effective way to replace your missing tooth and reclaim your divine smile once and forever...

Dental Implants Can Be Of Two Types – Conventional And Immediate. There is no bonus for guessing that an immediate implant is a more effective procedure and a new-age treatment.

It may be too hard to believe, but yes, a full set of new teeth in just three days is possible. Thanks to rapid and revolutionary advancement in dental treatment and technology, it is now possible to undergo a successful dental implant surgery only in three days.

The procedure is so quick and fast that patients can receive a complete set of new teeth in a span of three days without any additional surgeries and procedures, thus making dental implants smooth and quick fixation for your lost teeth.

The COST of full mouth implants could vary anywhere between 2.5 Lakhs - 5 Lakhs INR.

Specialists dental clinics with expert dental surgeons use world-famous and branded implants that have a life-long warranty. The same quality of service can be expected from Cosmodent India.

By carrying out the procedure with an expert surgeon here, this immediate dental implant is guaranteed to bring your smile back and boost your confidence, not just for a few years, but a smile that is lasting for a lifetime.

Immediate Loading Basal Implants

At Cosmodent India Newest technologies are used to treat patients and increase success rates. One such treatment is the basal implant.

Basal implants are implants that are placed on the gum or bone structure of the jaw. This method ensures that no further incision is needed for placing implants. Further through basal implantation, the pressure from the implant is transferred to the cortical bone which reduces the overall strain on the jaw bone.

Basal implants are a quick method to restore a full set of teeth. They are placed inside the basal bone of the edentulous jaw and need no healing time. Immediate loading is hence successful in just a day.

Benefits Of Immediate Implants:

Immediate or 3-day dental implant surgery has multiple advantages over traditional implant procedures. Here are some apparent benefits of the immediate dental implant.
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Minimum pain and discomfort during surgery
  • Much better aesthetics results overall
  • Immediately functional teeth
Special brands used by Cosmodent India:
  • Nobel BioCare
  • Straumann
  • GenXT
  • Mono Implant
  • BOI brand
  • Bio Horizons
Commonly Asked Questions About Basal Implants:

1. What is the difference between normal dental implants and basal implants?
Conventional dental implants are a very long and time-consuming and tedious process not to mention the pain factor associated.  Basal implants are a quick, reliable and comfortable procedure with a quick recovery period.

2. Will general anesthesia be administered to me during the procedure?
While it is not necessary, it completely depends on your preference and the doctor’s recommendation. Usually, the procedure is carried out under Local Anaesthesia only.

3. How painful is the procedure?
In comparison to the conventional dental implant operation, basal implant procedure less invasive hence, its immensely painless and causes only minor discomfort.

4. How long will the procedure take for a whole jaw replacement?
The surgery for one jaw typically lasts up to 45 minutes to an hour wherein implants are placed in one jaw. Complete procedure along with teeth placement may take up to three days for procedure completion.

5. What is the failure rate of immediate dental implants?
Dental implants, in general, have a high success rate, but some people (up to 5%) experience dental implant failure. Failure occurs either shortly after a procedure or years later. Hence, choose your operating Implant surgeon wisely.

6. Is the basal implant treatment more expensive than normal dental implants?
This is one of the main reasons patients choose basal implants over conventional methods. About 35% of the cost is reduced along with 98% of total time duration.

7. How long do Basal implants last?
Typically, a lifetime provided the patient maintains them perfectly and has routine check-ups with the dentist.

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