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Tooth Implants Procedure and Replacement Cost

Tooth implants have remained to be one of the most popular dental treatments and that's for a reason- not only do they resemble and function like natural tooth but also last for years to come. So, whether you've lost your teeth or its beyond repair, your dentist would certainly recommend implants for restoring a picture-perfect smile.

But wait, if you are new to the idea of getting dental implants then you may have several about the treatment and to help you with the best, this article provides a detailed guide about the type, procedure and cost of complete tooth replacement with implants.

What Are Tooth Implants?

Tooth implants are durable, strong replacement of tooth and are permanently fixed to the jaw. It acts, feels and looks like natural tooth. The major parts of an implant are:

Titanium Implant: The tooth implant process begins with a screw-like device (implant) that gets drilled into the jawbone. With time, this device fuses along with the bone for creating a strong foundation for the new tooth.

Metal Post: Once the implant has fused, a small post made of metal gets inserted into it. This post stays partially outside and inside the gum line.

Artificial Tooth: The artificial tooth is a form of crown that is placed over the outer portion of the metal post.
Since implants require time for healing and merging with your jawbone, the entire treatment demands multiple visits as scheduled by the dentist.

What Occurs Before, During and After The Tooth Implant Procedure?

In the initial or consulting stage, a dental surgeon examines the mouth where the implants have to be placed. This is often using imaging studies such as CT scans, X-rays or panoramic films. During this phase, the quantity and quality of the jawbone is assessed so as to evaluate if more bone will be needed at the site or not.

When a patient is declared ready for dental implant procedure, the titanium posts (implants) are placed using specialized tools and drills. Later, healing cap is fixed, the gums are stitched and left for the healing phase. The time required for healing greatly depends on the quality of the jawbone. On an average, the healing phase would last from two to six months.

After proper healing, the implants are tested and then a prosthetic component or abutment is fixed via screw.  At last, the implant crown (artificial teeth) is either screwed or cemented onto the abutment.

How Much Does Tooth Replacement Cost?

Cost of implant largely varies, based on the complexity of the case and the professional that you choose for the treatment. This is the reason why, a good practice is to request for quotes from promising dental surgeons, compare them and then choose the best.

Remember: despite the high tooth replacement cost, implants are great in the long run. Thus, the ROI (return on investment) that you get will be high too.

Looking for impeccable tooth implant services at an affordable value? Cosmodent India, the premier dental clinic of India backed by competent dental surgeons and state-of-art facilities is just the solution that you need.

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