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Most people will go through life having to get couple or several fillings in their teeth. It is unavoidable due to bacteria also known as Plaque residing in our mouths. Without proper brushing or flossing this bacteria will continue to chip away a tiny amount of your tooth structure every day until you have a hole. This can cause you unnecessary pain or sensitivity if it goes undiagnosed and potentially lead to the tooth getting extracted. Hence why we recommend dental check-up appointments every six months so we can resolve problems in their early stages.

The Dentist can save your tooth by professionally removing the plaque from your tooth and then filling the hole with a dental filling. Under the NHS most fillings will be amalgam fillings which are grey metal fillings that will look unsightly when you smile or laugh. Some patients find they are more conscious of the way they smile or how they look with amalgam fillings. Due to modern dental technology we can offer composite fillings which are tooth coloured fillings that look and feel natural and are long lasting. Your dentist will match the colour of the filling material to your teeth to ensure your fillings blend in naturally with your tooth and hence are not visible when you smile.

Advantages of composite fillings are not only restricted to cosmetic benefit but also composite fillings bond directly with the tooth making it stronger than it would be with amalgam. Sometimes less drilling is required with composite filling compared to amalgam filling because instead of making a bigger hole for the amalgam filling to hold securely composite filling will just bond to the tooth making this a more conservative approach.

Some of our patients come to us to remove their old amalgam fillings and replace them with composite. They notice after having amalgam fillings the impact on their smile and discoloration on the tooth that has amalgam filling or sensitivity caused by amalgam.