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Complete Tooth Replacement

Complete Tooth Replacement Services Gurgaon, Bangalore, South Delhi

The bone which is available in the upper jaw for placing the implants is beneath the maxillary sinuses and cavity. The upper jaw bone is extremely soft when compared to the lower jaw, and thus take more time for the implants to get fixed to the bone. When it comes to the placement of the implants in the upper jaw, it is more demanding because upper teeth are the most visible at thetime of smiling. We understand this at the Cosmodent India and thus do careful assessment of the smile line and the upper lip length as it would help in the deciding the placement of the implants. There are two large sinuses in the upper jaw on the either side of the nose. Dentists at Cosmodent India ensure that the assessment is done keeping in mind the anatomy.

Patients who lost upper teeth for a very long time should know that the upper jaw shrinks and thus the implants is possible only with augmentation or bone grafting.

What happens if you lose complete teeth?

When you visit Cosmodent India, we make sure that you are aware of the entire procedure. On the complete loss of teeth, a person starts appearing aged and the jaw bone that holds the teeth soon begins to shrink. It is often that a patient starts experiencing speaking and chewing problems that further triggers health and social issues. This is when you can choose to opt for implants that can prevent bone shrinking. The jaw bone recognizes these implants as the lost root of the teeth. The function that was imparted by the implants increases the bone density and thus shape is maintained. You should know that dental implant is performed not only for aesthetic but also for functional reasons. Dental experts at the Cosmodent India explain the purpose of these implants to the patient.

So, if you are considering undergoing this procedure then all you need to do is visit Cosmodent India. We are driven by a team of highly qualified, experienced and skilled dental surgeons who have been performing completing tooth replacement procedure for many years. The entire treatment procedure at the Cosmodent India is customized according to the individual needs of the patient.

You can be assured of the care, quality of the treatment and result when you choose us for complete tooth replacement.

complete-tooth-replacement Complete Tooth Replacement