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BOI Implant

BOI Implant

BOI Implant Clinic in Bangalore India

BOI Disc Implants, also known as immediate loading implants have gained immense popularity as a dental implant treatment. In this type of implant, patients own bone substance is used for creating endosseous anchorage are avoided thus eliminating the perils associated with ancillary surgical procedures. It saves both time and cost. We are Cosmodent India providing BOI implant to patients who are seeking it. Our team of dental experts has expertise in performing this treatment.

These implants are often considered as the most advanced system within the group of popular and highly effective Basal implants. These implants designed in such a way that they can be easily loaded and thus it becomes possible to get permanent teeth within five days. If you are considering undergoing this treatment at the Cosmodent India then rest assured you would get excellent results.

These implants are advised in two situations

• Insufficient height of bone
• Very thin jaw bone that is deficiency of ridge bone thickness

Why opt for BIO Implant method?

When you visit Cosmodent India, we explain the entire treatment to you. Each of the bio implant is completely metal-free and especially customized so that it can perfectly fit. In fact, it is as unique as your fingerprint. Given that it exactly fills the gap which is left after tooth extraction, the need for surgery does not arise.

The treatment is available at Cosmodent India and is performed in three easy steps.

• Careful extraction of tooth
• Wait for a day while implant is prepared
• Finally, the placement of the BIO Implant

As far as recovery time for this procedure is concerned, it is quick as neither hard nor soft tissues are traumatized. There is no swelling, pain or bruising. The healing period might last from eight to twelve week and then the crown can be fitted by the dentists at the Cosmodent India.

• Bio implant provides a natural dental implant both in the color and form that perfectly matches the extraction socket.
• After a tooth is extracted, there is an irregular extraction socket, with as many as up to four roots.
• Every tooth is unique along with an analogous unique tooth socket
• An implant surgeon at the Cosmodent India fits an “off the shelf” screw with filling voids and drilling healthy bone

BIO Implant is a ceramic dental implant that easily and perfectly fits the tooth socket that too without any surgery thus anatomy is not disturbed. Cosmodent India makes sure that you get the best results of this procedure. so, schedule an appointment right away.

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