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Zygoma Implant

Zygoma Implant

Zygoma Implant Clinic Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

Are you not the right candidate for dental implants because of the lack of bone in the upper jaw? If yes then Cosmodent India has an apt solution for your problem – Zygoma Implants. It is the most effective solution for restoration of severely resorbed maxilla. We have team of dental surgeons who have expertise in performing this procedure. Dental specialists at Cosmodent India make sure you get excellent results of this procedure.

These implants are fixed into the cheekbones thus eliminating the requirement for sinus lifts or bone grafting before getting implants done. A dental implant is especially designed (up to 55 mm than usual 10 or 15 mm used for dental impants) and is placed into the cheekbone than the jaw bone. It is a beneficial option for those who do not have sufficient jaw bone to sustain regular implants. This is medically known as Zygoma implant.

After fixing these implants and anchoring them inside the zygomatic bone and on the upper jaw, dental surgeons at Cosmodent India fix a temporary prosthesis immediately. As far as grafting procedures for resorbed maxilla are concerned, they have been a challenge for both the patient and the dental expert. Because of severe bone loss in the molar regions of maxillary, patients require bilateral posterior bone grafts along with sinus lift surgery. The chances of an additional surgery thus arise.

The development of the zygomatic implant presents a wonderful combination of a distinct alternative for patients who want to avoid sinus lift and bone grafts and still get dental implants done.

Benefits of zygoma implants with Cosmodent India

• It takes less time
• The success rate, as observed so far, is 100 percent
• There is no need to undergo an additional surgery

Cosmodent India has been offering zygoma implants treatment to patients for a long time. With this type of implant, it is possible to fix provisional implant straight away. When you choose us for this procedure, you can be assured to walk away smiling after the treatment.

Reasons to undergo zygoma implants

• Short duration treatment and immediate function
• It is a graft less solution
• It is perfect for severe bone resorption patients
• Diagnosis is done and panoramic X-rays pr CBCT scans are planned
• Basic health checkup is done

Extraction of tooth, if the need be, and placement of dental implant and immediate provisional denture.

Cosmodent India has a team of experienced and trained dentists who can perform this treatment with precision. Visit us and get a brand new smile.

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