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Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth

Worn Teeth Treatment in Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

An increasing number of people are suffering from the problem of worn teeth. It has emerged as one of the most common conditions especially among older people. If you are also suffering from this problem then we can help you. We are Cosmodent India, one of the leading and renowned dental clinics offering a range of treatments. At Cosmodent India, we believe that the problem of worn teeth can be treated and prevented if the right cause is identified.

While some wear to teeth occurs due to natural process of ageing, poor lifestyle and eating habits also contribute to the condition. Worn teeth become darker and smaller. In most cases, it is considered as an aesthetic problemhowever if it triggers tempromandibular joint disorder causing backache, neck pain, headaches and ear pain or affect biting then you needs to seek dental experts immediately. Dentists at Cosmodent India make sure that you get the most effective treatment for this condition.

Being the renowned dental clinic, Cosmodent Indiabelieves that the patents should have knowledge and understanding about worn teeth. There are three types of accelerated tooth structure loss consequential to worn down of teeth.


It occurs because of excessive clenching or grinding. In this condition, a patient bites tooth-to-tooth on the edges.


In this condition, tooth wears because of aggressive brushing and usually affects the necks and sides of the teeth.


Regular consumption of acidic drinks and foods or patients who are living with conditions such as acid-reflux or bulimia faces this problem. Loss of tooth structure that is dentine and enamel occurs through acidic corrosion because of the habits mentioned above.

While some people might suffer from more than one of these factors, others might have all three.

Bruxism – Yet another major cause of worn teeth. Involuntary tooth clenching or grinding is one of the primary factors that can cause this condition. Medically known as bruxism, it occurs because of stress or as a result of unconscious action performed while asleep or during day. The clenching or grinding of teeth can be prevented by using mouth appliances. This not only protects the worn teeth but also helps in stopping the habit.

Worn teeth treatment

At Cosmodent India, we recommend the best treatment to our patients after carefully examining them. The experienced, trained and skilled team of dental experts at Cosmodent India can also help in restoring the eroded teeth and recommend treatment to prevent further damage. This would give a patient optimum aesthetics, function and dental health.