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Single Visit Root Canal

Single Visit Root Canal

Single Visit Root Canal

What is a root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is procedure where there is removal of the dead or dying nerve inside your tooth that is causing pain. There is formation of an abscess inside your teeth just like a pimple on your skin and this needs to be 'popped' and drained.

No pain of course. Once that is done we need to clean the 'canal' that the nerve was in with LASERS and chemicals and then seal it with a special filling called a root canal filling.

High-tech, gentle root canals in single visit

The portion of the tooth containing the nerve and pulp is called the root canal. When a tooth (or teeth) becomes infected, it may be necessary to perform root canal therapy to save the tooth.

Using advanced technology such as a rotary files, ultrasonic instruments and the CEREC system for same-day crowns, we can complete your root canal treatment and place a permanent crown in a single visit.

Our Root Canal Procedure

Keeping you comfortable

We will use a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during the treatment, and for patients who are a bit more anxious, we offer oral sedation.

Ultrasonic for faster, more efficient cleaning

After you have been properly anesthetized, your doctor will gently remove the damaged nerve and pulp, thoroughly clean the inside of the root canal and fill it with a natural polymer.

We use ultrasonic instruments in conjunction with hand tools to gently and thoroughly clean the diseased root canal. Ultrasonic instruments have the advantage of an air stream that blows away dental debris and provides increased visibility. Better visibility and high magnification allow us to find small canals that also need treatment.

CEREC Crowns = One Visit

After root canal therapy has been completed, it is usually necessary to place a crown over the tooth for protection. With our CEREC system, we can design, mill and fabricate your new porcelain crown in about an hour. Your entire root canal procedure will be completed in one office visit; you won't need a temporary crown or a second appointment.