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Single Tooth Replacement in 3 days

Single Tooth Replacement in 3 days

Single Tooth Replacement Services Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

Do you have a missing tooth? Are you looking for a permanent solution for it? If yes then you have arrived at the right place. We are Cosmodent, one of India’s leading and most renowned dental care clinics. We provide finest dental care solutions to those who are suffering from the problem of missing tooth. Single tooth replacement in 3 days is the most effective treatment for a missing tooth. At Cosmodent India, we ensure that our patients get timely relief.

Dental surgeons at Cosmodent India understand that patients having the problem of missing tooth find it difficult to chew and also have bite problems. With our single tooth replacement in 3 days, you can experience relief. The implant after being placed in the jaw, for stimulating or replacing the root, a dental crown is fixed over it. When compared to conventional options to replace a missing tooth either a removable partial denture or a dental bridge is recommended. We, at Cosmodent India, recommend the best available option for our patients.

How the single tooth replacement with dental implant is done?

Before the procedure

• General examination of a patient is done
• Quadrant Denta-Scan or X-Rays are done
• Examination of occlusion, periodontal health

Placement of the dental implant

• Dental experts choose the titanium implant of the right dimension
• We place the implant carefully into the bone that is in the spaces of missing tooth
• The right placement of the implant is crucial for the success of this entire procedure

Healing is important

At Cosmodent India, we make use of minimally invasive technique so that healing time is also minimal. Specialists at the Cosmodent India are pioneers when it comes to single tooth replacement in three days. No longer have you had to worry about the duration as we try to make it happen within the shortest possible time.

Fixing or placing the crown

Dentists at Cosmodent India choose a ceramic crown and fabricate it so that it matches the color of other teeth. This is made after taking measurement of your tooth space so that it can aptly fit into the space.

Result of the procedure

With the dental implant from the specialists of Cosmodent India, you can expect satisfactory and pleasing results. Not only the new tooth would function well but also last like a natural tooth. We suggest that you should take care of this new tooth in the same way as with the natural tooth.

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