Ankylosed tooth removal

Tooth ankylosis, is the fusion of bone and cementum, is a progressive anomaly of tooth eruption which usually has a profound effect on the occlusion.
Treatments of ankylosed tooth at cosmodent
Removal of the teeth
Oral Surgery

Occasionally minor oral surgery procedures are necessary for ankylosis tooth removal. Often the more simple procedures such as removal of erupted teeth because of decay or crowding can be comfortably managed Dentist using local anaesthetic (injection) at the Dental Clinic Surgery. More complex surgical procedures such as removal of impacted or unerupted teeth are done under anaesthetic (day surgery) by either your Dentist or a specialist Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at cosmodent. Oral surgery procedures include:

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Extraction of teeth: As mentioned above, erupted teeth might need to be removed because of decay, poor long term prognosis (stability), over-retention of deciduous (baby) teeth or very occasionally to correct crowding.

Extraction of impacted teeth: Wisdom teeth are the most likely teeth to become impacted which is where they remain completely or partially unerupted because of inadequate space for eruption or ectopic (abnormal) position. Surgical extraction of wisdom teeth is generally recommended due to concern regarding recurrent infection of surrounding gum, not because they cause crowding.

Extraction of ankylosed teeth: Permanent or deciduous teeth can become ankylosed which is where they are fused to surrounding bone and either remain unerupted or don’t continue to erupt to maturity alongside adjacent teeth

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