Does carbonated soft drinks harm teeth?

The answer is YES. Carbonated and soft drinks(containing soda) has high sugar content. When you have these drinks the sugar in it, interacts with the bacteria in your mouth and forms acid. The acid attacks the teeth. It causes erosion of the tooth material and also lead to formation of cavities and also cause teeth staining.This happens because the soft drink consumption produces an acidic environment in your mouth, which imbalances the PH maintained by the saliva, which keeps the enamel intact. When the oral environment is acidic, the minerals in the teeth enamel segregates into the saliva and causes demineralisation of the enamel. This is also often seen in people who has GERD(gastroesophageal re flux disease). The principle applied here is same. Hence to avoid the above mentioned ill effects on teeth, it is advised to avoid carbonated drinks as much as possible and if you already have countered the same , it can be treated with various procedures available. Stained teeth can be treated by scaling and polishing, bleaching, decay or cavities treated by various tooth colored restoration and erosion is treated by veneering or crown and bridge procedure. All these treatments are available at cosmodentindia , which will provide you a  very effective and permanent solution to your problem.

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