facial swelling

Swelling on the face is one of the commonest problem we come across in our patients. It could be due to dental or non-dental reasons. Well to list a few of the commonest ones amongst the dental causes are tooth infection progressing to facial spaces causing swelling and pain over the pain, or could also be due to any tooth which has not erupted in the oral cavity and is causing swelling over the area where it is lodged. It could also be due to a tumor related to teeth which progresses slowly and causes facial disfigurement and mild intermittent pain. The non dental causes could be uncontrolled growth of any facial bone, tomor in any facial bone or could be as a result of even fracture of facial bones due to trauma over the face.

Now facial swelling could be associated with other signs and symptoms like pain, redness of overlying skin etc. It also interferes in the functioning of nearby structures like eyes, nose and throat depending on the location of the swelling.

Hence it becomes utmost important to not overlook such swellings as they could be fatal as well. At Cosmodent, we provide you the appropriate treatment and fast recovery. so, get yourself checked today.

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