facial asymmetry

Do u feel your face is not symmetrical on both sides? Do u feel any disfigurement on the face? Is it interfering in your public affairs? Well do not worry. Cosmodent has an answer and solution to all your queries and doubts!

Facial asymmetry is not something which happens overnight. It might be present since birth or sometimes can become evident during adulthood or later in life. It is due to varied reasons. Developmental defects presents at birth and gradually progresses in there presentation. There might be retardation in growth of your jaws on one side which we call as hemifacial atrophy. There can be retardation in growth of lower jaw completely giving it again an asymmetrical appearance. If a developmental or congenital cause is not the reason, then we need to look for any tumor or growth which could be the reason for facial asymmetry. It could be any bony or soft tissue pathology of the face which could present this way. As much as these causes need to be ruled out, history of any facial injury cannot be overlooked.

Well being aware of these causes is half job done. Once identified, we perform a complete orthodontic and facial symmetry analysis at Cosmodent to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. Surgically correcting the defect provides an esthetically pleasing appearance and also aids in performing various functions with more ease.

So if you are noticing any kind of facial asymmetry, get checked at Cosmodent today!

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