Bad Breath

Are you suffering from bad smell from your mouth? Do your peeps complain about the same to you? Is it becoming difficult for you to socialize? Well dont panic as we have the solution to your problem!

Bad breath is a symptom which affects most of us at some or the other time or many be very often to some of us. It could be due to poor oral hygiene or maybe a sign of some underlying medical problem like gastritis, liver disorder, kidney disorder etc.

Hence, treating it by identifying the root cause of it becomes utmost important. At Cosmodent, we deal with the problem in a systematic approach. We understand the patient’s problem and evaluate the oral cavity thoroughly alongwith identifiying any other systemic illness which could present this way, and then formulate a treatment plan accordingly. Treating our patients while providing them with best results at the earliest has always been our motto. So if you or your peeps feel that you are suffering from bad breath, get it checked with us today!

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