Dental Implants In 3 Days

Missing teeth is one of the neglected physical disease especially in india. We take it for granted that loosing teeth is a normal ageing process and never seek treatment for it nor consider it a major problem.




1.Loss of chewing ability– This directly or indirectly affects our general health. At 50+age when body metabolism is already low proper diet is must. at this age if you are having missing teeth the diet you take puts the whole burden on the intestine and stomach to digest food which is not absorbed by the body and thus affecting the general health of the body.


2. Loss of confidence-  Missing teeth and also affect mental well being of person. A person can avoid social interactions, going to public places and even enjoying simple things in life due to missing teeth because of fear in mind of not being accept in society


3.Old age appearance- Teeth contributes to our looks to major extent. a person looks 20 years younger if having all teeth compaired to the ones not having. our morphology changes and thins out once teeth are missing

4.General affect on health-Missing teeth affects  general health upto an high extend liquid diet does not provide adequate nutrition to the aging body thus affecting the general health of person.



A.REMOVABLE DENTURES- An old and conventional method of replacing the teeth are dentures but with the advanced technologies it is slowly fading away.


B. DENTAL IMPLANTS- A titanium screws which acts as a replacement of missing teeth

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