teeth clenching

Are your peeps telling you that you have the habit of clenching your teeth while sleeping?! Or are you stressed generally in your day to day life?! Do you feel that your teeth have reduced in length?! Do you feel sensitivity in your teeth on eating or drinking cold items?! Well you might be suffering from bruxism! It is a condition wherein you tend to clench your teeth knowingly or unknowlingly during day or during sleeping. It could be due to stress, anxiety, hyperactive jaw muscles or sometimes maybe due to uncordinated neuromuscular control. The effects of it could be gradual onset of sensitivity in teeth which progresses to loss in tooth structure causing continous pain and causing damage to the nerves inside in the teeth which we call as pulp. The serious outcome of this condition could be loss in the vertical dimension of your jaw further causing jaw joint pain and difficulty in chewing food. Hence, to prevent these serious sequelae you should consult your dentist at the earliest. At cosmodent, we provide a comprehensive treatment plan for this condition ranging from allivating the sensitivity and pain in your teeth, to protecting the pulp inside the teeth, to providing an esthetic restoration of the teeth involved.

So, consult as at Cosmodent today itself if you are suffering from this problem.

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