Does scaling make teeth weak and make it loose?

Scaling is one of the most commonly advised, dental treatment. Now, the question asked frequently by people is…will scaling cause weakening of the teeth? the answer is NO! scaling not only keeps the teeth and gums healthy but also improvises the prognosis/result of the dental treatment to be performed.

Bacteria is always constantly formed in our mouth and these bacteria uses the ingredients from our diet ,specially sugar, with time these debris that remain stuck to the tooth surface culminates with time and progressively hardens around the tooth which is called calculus/tartar. Calculus cannot be removed by brushing and is stuck around the tooth and makes teeth hard and sustains even the mobile teeth, sometimes. The calculus becomes a habitat for bacteria , which causes many gum diseases, bad odour, sensitivity etc., when scaling is done, the calculus is removed from the tooth surface and eventually the tooth becomes free from the wall of support it got from the calculus around it. Therefore, people feel that the teeth have become weak or loose. In reality, the scaling procedure actually benefits the teeth ,as it swipes out all the disease causing hub of microorganisms, promotes the oral health and also helps to have a better prognosis of the treatment performed. Scaling if not performed before any treatment can also create the risk of failure of the treatment. Hence, scaling should be a line of treatment chosen by the people as these will not make your teeth loose or week instead it will remove all the harmful support by the habitual bacteria from your teeth and provide you a beneficial support for the teeth in the future.

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