facial pain

Experiencing pain on one side of the face? Does it interfere in your daily chores? Are you not able to sleep well because of that? Well we at Cosmodent can help you relieve it. Pain over one side of the face is not a thing to be ignored! It is an indication of serious underlying problem. As much as tooth decay can lead to pain radiating over that side of face, similarly headache could also radiate over the face and cause dicomfort. Many a times injury or a head trauma or post surgery also facial pain can occur due to injury to facial nerve or its compression. Hence there could be varied reasons for this presentation and sometimes it could also be not relatable to any reason when we categorize it as atypical.

It may be present with associated burning sensation in the mouth or over the face, numbness over the face or even paralysis of that side of the face.

Hence it is important to consult us at Cosmodent where we would diagnose the problem by evaluating and examining it and providing appropriate treatment.

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