root canal treatment

painful teeth!!!!!!  no problem

tooth is the only organ of the body which can not heal by itself.. experts skill is needed for the treatment of the teeth

mostly patient has some question regarding root canal treatmen

1) which tooth requires RCT?

if  the infection is limited to  enamel and dentin the RCT is not required , but if the infection has reached the pulp or very near to pulp than it requires root canal treatment..

Tooth decay formation step by step forming dental plaque and finally caries and cavity

2) what is root canal treatment ??

in root canal treatment the infected pulp is removed by drilling into the tooth and then cleaning the pulp chamber and shaping it in a way that artificial pulp (gutta percha)  can be put into it..

3) how many days are required for root canal treatment??

it can be done in single  day or in three sitting depending on the status of the infection.. if the infection is just limited to the tooth  single day RCT is possible if the infection has cross the tooth and reached the periapical area ( the area beyond the tooth) than three days rct is recommended..


4) is it necessary to put a crown after RCT??

it is always recommended to put a crown after rct treatment .. because after  rct the tooth become non vital and also very fragile… so putting a cap after rct is always preferred …

5) is RCT hurts??

NO .. RCT doesn’t hurts at cosmodent  india best endodontist do this treatment very smoothly and without any pain.

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