Oh no, not that kind of tooth ache, not that sensitivity to cold drinks on the teeth; but this annoying burning sensation in the mouth all the time!!! Well many a times, most of us come across this problem in our mouth and being unaware of the cause of this unsual but severe ailment, we tend to end up in self pity!!! So let us tell you how what why when of this kind of symptom…

Burning sensation in our mouth could be experienced all of a sudden by any one of us and it may begin with intermittent episodes which might gradually progress in severity and duration. This problem is related to many varied causes which to list the few common ones could be some food allergy, change in your toothpaste or due to initial use of some mouthwash..Well if any of such reasons is not the cause behind your problem, then we need to look in for a graver cause! Many a times, chronic use of tobacco or gutka leads to formation of ulcers or red and white patches inside the mouth which my dear friends is not a thing to be ignored! So if you notice any such lesion inside your mouth, we recommend you to kindly consult us at Cosmodent for a thorough evaluation. Now sometimes such a problem could also be a manifestation of an underlying nerve problem which again needs a thorough evaluation and timely intervention to prevent it from turning into a chronic illness.

For those of you who fall into older age group and have diabetes which is uncontrolled; again Beware! It could affect your oral cavity as well. As much as the local factors, habits or underlying systemic illness play a role in causing burning sensation in our mouth, our mental health also plays equally important role. In todays lifestyle where stress, depression, anxiety is affecting every second adult; the effects of it could be noticed in our mouth as well and needless to say burning mouth is the most important symptom such patients present with!

Hence, while highlighting few of the many causes for such an ailment, Cosmodent believes in thoroughly evaluating this symptom and treating our patients with utmost care and comprehensive treatment plan keeping in line with the cause and effect scenario in mind.

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