Why to choose composite fillings?

Composite fillings are one of the most preferred fillings nowadays in the field of dentistry. These fillings are in the vogue today because ,firstly it is a tooth colored material , hence fillings done with composite are aesthetically pronounced and hence fulfills the demand of patients, for a ,natural appearance of the tooth, which compared to metal restoration. Secondly,the procedure is very conservative and simple, therefore fast and time saving, paralleling with instant treatment requirement of patients nowadays. Thirdly, composite fillings are not hazardous like amalgam fillings as they are mercury free, hence safe for patients health. Apart from this, composite fillings are most durable fillings in trend as the composite is directly bonded to the the tooth surface via micro-mechanical adhesion i.e. the composite filling binds to the tooth structure through minute micro porosities created prior to the restoration by the process of etching which increases the surface area and in turn the bond strength increases.

Hence, composite filling is a choice of material as it is aesthetically the best,strong and durable material and favorable towards the health of the patients.


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