tooth colored filling

Mostly people are afraid  to do a filling because of the unaesthetic property of old restorative material.

But NOW a days dentistry has reached such a level the there is no need to go for metallic restoration.. the COMPOSITE restoration looks very natural and hardly distinguishable..

the strength is also very high that we can use this material for any teeth ,let it be the posterior teeth or the anterior teeth

Many question comes to patient mind while going for a tooth restoration..

1)can i get a restoration which looks quit natural and not noticeable??

YES now a day its is quite easy to get a restoration done which is very aesthetic.. and hardly distinguishable..

2)what is the material used for tooth color filling ??

at cosmodent india we use one of the best material that is  COMPOSITE .. which is one of the most accepted material now a days in dentistry


3) what is the advantage of composite filling ??

the advantage of  composite filling is it do not required much tooth preparation and it binds with the tooth with the help of a bonding agent. And moreover it do not need any mercury

4)can it bear the strength of the force ?

YES it can. it has a high strength and because of that it can be use for all the teeths.

5)what is the cost of tooth colour filling??

tooth colour filling ranging from 600/- to 1500/-

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