temporomandibular joint disorders (TMDs)

Ever experienced pain in and around your ears on getting up in the morning or while eating food!? Well, this could be an early sign of an underlying problem in your jaw joints called as temperomandibular joint disorders. these may present as only a clicking sound in your joint while opening and closing your mouth or may cause pain and reduced mouth opening. TMDs could be due to varied reasons like stress, malaligned teeth, overuse of facial muscles due to excessive yawning or prolonged mouth opening or also could be sometimes due to excessive speaking.

hence, early diagnosis and timely intervention is of utmost importance in these situations, as if not treated well in time, it may progress to severe pain radiating to forehead and back muscles and also would interfere in your daily activities like speaking, chewing etc. which sometimes can also progress to lock jaw situation.

we, here at Cosmodent understand the pyramid of etiological factors predisposing to these disorders and follow a proper protocol based on sound literature evidence to diagnose and treat these disorders.

The varies treatment modalities practised here range from diagnosing occlusion related issues with the help of Tekscan and OPG and treating them effectively with the help of various treatment modalities as required for the case.

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