missing tooth solution

Many people around the world  have different question about replacement of  missing tooth.

1) How can i get a fixed permanent teeth ?

There are two ways to get a fixed permanent tooth  you can get in cosmodent india ( delhi ,bangalore gurgaon), first is to get dental implant done and crowns over it.. and second one is to get fixed bridge .

2) What is dental bridge ?

dental bridge is a solution of missing tooth  where the adjacent tooth of the missing space is papered the crowns are given over it ,which includes the  missing space also


3) what is dental implant?

dental implant is one of the most accepted treatment for the missing tooth now a day .the dental implant is a metal screw made of titanium inserted in the missing space  and crown over it. It can bear high strength and without any post operative complication at cosmodent (delhi ,gurgaon,bangalore)


4) what are the types of crown and cost?

there are different type of crowns available at best dental clinic  COSMODENT  india

a)metal ceramic  ranging from 3000/- to 5000/-

b) metal free ie Zirconia  8000/- to 15000/-

5) what are the types of implant and cost?

at cosmodent india implant is of two type     a)three months ( conventional implant)   cost ranging from 20,000/- to 50,000/- per implant    b) three days (immediate implant)   cost ranging from 18999/- to 40,000/-

6) how many days  it will take for me to get a fixed permanent teeth?

it take usually 3 to 4 days to get a fixed permanent teeth with bridge or with dental  implant  (immediate implant) at COSMODENT INDIA for conventional implant it  takes   around  3 months

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