Most of the people around the world ignore the missing tooth problem . This problem is not just a simple problem constricted to mouth only but the general health of the patient is also compromised. The first step of digestion starts in the mouth itself. due to missing tooth the chewing  is not proper causing gastrointestinal problems. Moreover the teeth around the missing area tends to shift to the missing area causing food lodgment in the undercuts area causing infection of the gums and the PDL ,which makes the tooth week.. The basic procedure of missing tooth replacement  is changing now a days with the help of IMPLANT . At cosmodent india best implantologist  can do this procedure very easily and without any pain. The advantage of implant is it do not require any preparation of any tooth around the missing space and the strength is very high.

A patient from USA came to COSMODENT INDIA  to solve the missing tooth problem. He was having difficulty in chewing which was affecting his general health. He was also having some gastrointestinal disorder because of this .. he decided to come to cosmodent    .. but he was having a very less time for the treatment. To solve his problem of missing tooth.. specialized doctor team from cosmodent   decided to place 4 immediate  implant in the missing space and crowns over it. The biggest question that was there in the patient’s head was “Can the treatment be completed in such a small interval of time that is 3days??” the answer was YES.. The implant was placed and crown was given over it .. the patient returned to USA happy with no missing tooth and a perfect smile.

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