The available bone in the upper jaw for placement of implants is below the nose cavity and maxillary sinuses. When compared to the lower jaw, the upper jaw bone is very soft and more time is taken for the implants to get united to the bone. Placement of implants is more demanding in upper jaw as it is the upper teeth which are more visible during smiling. So the assessment of upper lip length and smile line is very important and that will decide on the placement of implants. There are two large sinuses called maxillary sinuses are in the upper jaw on the either side of the nose.

In patients who lost upper teeth for long time, the upper jaw shrinks considerably then the placement of implants is possible only with bone grafting /augmentations.


The part of the jaw bone holding the teeth starts shrinking and an old age look sets in . Impairment of chewing and speaking causes social and health problems. The only treatment that can prevent shrinking of bone is to place implants. The jaw bone recognizes the implant as the lost root of the teeth. The function imparted by the implants increases the density of the bone and the shape is maintained. So dental implant is done not only for cosmetic reasons but also for functional reasons.
Removable dentures aggravate the bone shrinking especially in the upper jaw.


Complete Tooth Replacement

The jaw bone shrinks to such an extent that the placement of implants will be difficult. Additional surgical procedures will be needed for bone augmentations and to place the implants.

If the bone volume is less then bone augmentation procedures are needed to place the implants. This can be done safely by trained maxillofacial surgeons. So if you have been told that there is insufficient bone by any implant dentist, your next step will be to meet a maxillofacial surgeon trained in implant dentistry.

It is also noticed that some implant dentists who are not trained in placing implants in compromised jaw bone in the back of the mouth removes good front teeth to place implants so that the back teeth can be cantilevered from the front implants which is not a good practice.


Complete Tooth Replacement

To replace all the teeth in the upper jaw 6 implants are needed. The placement of implants can be done in one surgery or a maximum in two days time. The time needed will be one hour each.
In three days time a temporary denture will be fabricated and given.

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