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Basel Implant

Basal Implant

Basal Implantation Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

The branch of cosmetic dentistry has witnessed paradigm shift in dental implantation treatment. We, at Cosmodent India, offer a complete new and revolutionary method for dental implantation where the need for bone augmentation does not exist at all, not even in the worst cases. Made of biocompatible titanium alloy, basal implants are one single implant or unit and abutment are monolithically joined. The dental experts at the Cosmodent India make sure that you get the most effective results of this procedure.

What is basal implantation?

Bone is made of an internal spongy or portion or cancellous that is covered with dense bone corticalis or layer. Each basal implant is put in at least two places in bone layer. The corticalis that are used for anchoring of the basal implants at the Cosmodent India is highly mineralized along with the high rate of regeneration. This, in turn, ensures the incorporation of dental implants and enables their immediate loading. Basal implants differ from axial or crest implants in the manner of force distribution and in the manner of placing, however primarily by the planning as well as execution of the post-operative regime and prosthetic construction.

Design of implants Lateral basal implants, BOI® brand, with a large horizontal plane and decreased reduced vertical components Basal compression screws ® with a thread for cortical penetration.Lateral basal implants are placed from the lateral aspects or side of the jaw. Existing bone height for this should be up to 3mm. the cortical anchor makes for a guaranteed osseointegration and safe distribution.Cosmodent India has dental surgeons who have expertise in performing this procedure with high success rate.

Screw Basal Implants are placed through the gum without making any kind of incision. Their placement is as similar as crest implant; however basal implants transfer pressure over cortical bone.

Advantages of the basal implants

• Prosthesis are loaded immediately within 72 hours of the surgery
• Most of these implants get support from the basal bone that are highly resistant resorption, just similar to the conventional implants which take support from the crestal bone. Basal cortical bone has a much stable and faster repairing capacity.
• Single piece implantation technology minimizes the risk of failure of implants because of the interface problems between the connection that exist in traditional two and three piece implants.
• It is a minimally invasive procedure even in the worst situations. The single piece screw type implants are easy to be inserted in a minimally invasive way – often minimum bone cutting and flapless. These implants are not only self-tapping but also condense bone at the time of the insertion of the implantation. Given that it is a minimally invasive procedure, it is associated with the minimum post-surgery edema and healing is quick and non-eventful.

At Cosmodent India, we explain the entire procedure to the patients. You cans schedule at appointment with the Cosmodent India and know more about this procedure.

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