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All-in-6 Implant Technique

All on Six Dental Implants Gurgaon, South Delhi, Bangalore

All-on-6 Implant technique is gaining immense popularity among those who have teeth-less jaw. If you are also considering this treatment then Cosmodent India is one name you can count on without having to think twice. We are one of the renowned and leading cosmetic dental clinics offering a range of dental care solutions. All-on-6 Implant provides an optimal and secure support for a fixed denture or bridge. At Cosmodent India, we strongly believe that it is the simpler, safe, successful and comprehensive implant supported fixed teeth protocol for completely missing teeth.

Why opt for All-on-6 Implant?

• The entire procedure needs much shorter time.
• This is an immediate function implant treatment system
• With this procedure, it is a lot easier to replace loose teeth to a set of new strong and stable teeth.
• It is suitable for almost all bone conditions except severe bone loss.

How is the procedure performed? Here is the Step-by-step approach.

Phases of All-on-6 Implant procedure

Visit 1 – Consultation with the dental surgeon at the Cosmodent India followed examination and X-Rays. We have the expertise to perform this procedure. When you visit us, we perform dental examination and take out X-Rays. On the basis of the X-Ray report, dentists at Cosmodent India would check the feasibility for this procedure and explain you the entire procedure.

Visit 2 – Impression of surgical template On the basis of the report, our team of dentists would take the dental impressions of both your lower and upper jaws for making a surgical template for the placement of implants at the Cosmodent India. this would last for nearly 30 minutes.

Visit 3 – Implants Installation The area where the implants have to be installed would be numb by the dental surgeon and All-on-6 Implant would be inserted. This entire process would take half an hour.

Visit 4 – Placement of Dental Implant Bridge During this visit, All-on-6 Implant Bridge is placed well. Then esthetics are checked and now you are on All-on-6 Implants with functions that seem natural to your own teeth. Stick to regular dental hygiene for keeping the gum and the tooth around it healthy and clean

Advantages of All-on-6 Implant

• Very small or none bone graft required
• The apt procedure for almost all bone quantities
• No healing time needed before the functioning
• Well-balanced prosthetic support for almost immediate function
• Cost-effective, fixed and fast.
• Good predictability and simple from a surgical point of view

You can find out more information about this procedure by scheduling an appointment with Cosmodent India.