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About Our Clinic

About Our Clinic


When it comes to oral healthcare, Cosmodent is a name you can count on. Since inception, we have been striving to offer excellent dental care solutions and treatments to our patients. Ours is a hi-tech, modern and ISO certified dental care clinic rendering a range of oral healthcare services. The success of treatments such as smile makeover, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening and orthodontics can be credited to the unique features of our clinic.

What sets us apart?

Offering the perfect combination of most advanced equipment and tools and personalised care, Cosmodent is one of the most preferred names in the world of dental care. We strive to provide our patients with the best-in-class service and care.

Experienced and expert dental surgeons

With the experience spanning over years, the dental surgeons at the Cosmodent are highly trained, skilled and updated with the most advanced and latest methods to perform dental care procedures.

Team of skilled and trained dentists

We are driven by a team of not only highly experienced dental surgeons but also a staff that constantly strives to offer patients the much-needed support and assistance during the treatment. The amicable and welcoming staff at the clinic takes care of the needs of patients.

ISO Certification

We are one of the leading and renowned dental care clinics accredited by ISO. Our dental practice and clinic set-up are at par with the global healthcare standards.


We understand that patients should feel comfortable during the treatment. The entire ambience at the clinic has been designed to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed.

Painless Dentistry

We rely on and use the latest materials and equipment for different dental procedures to make treatments comfortable and painless, unlike conventional dentistry practices.

In House Dental Lab

What sets us exceptionally good and apart in offering dental care treatments is our in-house dental lab which is also our primary tool in offering the finest and high-end dental procedures. We have experts who make different types of restorations such as veneers, dentures, crowns or caps and implant crowns, to name a few. Our lab caters to the different types of the restoration work.


We pay utmost attention to the hygiene levels, thus placing emphasis on sterilizing equipment and tools before their use. Disposable aprons, gloves and masks are used to prevent cross-contamination of any type. Overall sanitation and hygiene are maintained by a committed and dedicated housekeeping.


We, at Cosmodent, respect and understand the value of the money and time of our patients and hence give appointments the priority. Our dental surgeons strive to complete the dental treatment within the stipulated time. However, saying that doesn’t mean we compromise the quality of the treatment, it is the priority.


When it comes to a few dental procedures such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, we assure the quality of the products with the warranty. This speaks volume about the quality of dental care treatment we provide. Irrespective of the dental problem you are suffering from, Cosmodent is the address for all dental care needs.